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Online Counselling

Online counselling refers to counselling offered via the medium of telephone or video technology.

I have offered online counselling for a number of years to clients who prefer this option to face to face counselling. The reasons for this might be that they live too far away from my practice to access face to face counselling, or that they prefer counselling from the comfort of their own home. People who don’t like going to new places or those who can’t leave the house for other reasons such as illness or difficulty finding childcare also choose to access support remotely.

How effective is online counselling?
Many studies show that online counselling is at least as effective as face-to-face counselling. A 2013 study showed that online counselling clients were more likely than not to experience continued engagement with the issues they worked on in therapy. Studies also find that an increase in written correspondence offers people the chance to review and reflect on issues more consistently.  

How does it work?
There are number of options we can explore to find the best fit for you. Some people prefer to use a phone call as they find that less distracting than having a video call. Alternatively, others like the visual connection of using Skype or Zoom. I will work with you to find a way that will help you feel connected, heard and understood. 

Let’s get started…  
The first step is to email me at and explain a bit about yourself and what you are looking for from counselling. I will then get in touch with you to find a suitable time for us to have a telephone conversation about the best way forward for you.