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Autism support

I have a son on the autistic spectrum and this has taught me about the challenges of living in a world that is not always understanding or accepting of the neuro-diverse. I have a particular interest in supporting people with autism and their families and my Masters’ research explored the experience of counselling people with Asperger’s.

I believe that counselling needs to be made more accessible and appropriate for people with autism and their families. Therefore, I adapt my practice to meet the needs of clients on the autistic spectrum. This means taking into account sensory needs, communication preferences and other individual requirements. I can offer online counselling if new environments create high levels of anxiety. 

My personal and professional experiences have taught me that there can be an emotional cost to being the partner, parent or family member of someone with autism. I believe that caring for ourselves in this situation is vitally important and I aim to offer a warm, compassionate and understanding space for those supporting a loved one with autism.