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Walk and talk therapy

Walk and talk therapy is a way of offering a bigger landscape than the counselling room for exploring difficult feelings. Some people find sitting still and making sustained eye contact difficult. Walking therapy is an opportunity to experience counselling in a different way, by holding the counselling session while walking side by side in the outdoors.

Being in the natural world aids relaxation, promotes calm and reduces stress. Walking is a dynamic process that generates momentum, which can help clients who feel stuck or trapped. Movement is known to be helpful for processing emotions and encourages creative, deeper ways of thinking. Clients often report that they have experienced an emotional breakthrough at the end of a walk and talk session.  

Where do your walk and talk sessions take place? 
I have suitably timed routes in beautiful settings in a number of Country Parks near Gravesend. All venues have parking and toilet facilities.  

What about the weather?
I am happy to walk and talk in all weathers, but I take my lead from my clients. In our first session we will discuss specifics about how we are going to work and that will include what to do if it is raining.

How about confidentiality? 
The confidentiality of my counselling sessions will always be paramount. In our first session I will outline some tools we can use to protect the confidentiality of the session while outdoors.